Carla Lucchinetti

"If you treat your employees like they make a difference, they will."
— James Goodnight

Business skills

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
My first touch point with CRM happened 15 years ago. I had the chance and pleasure to work with... and for the market leaders of the CRM solutions: work for Cegedim (today iQvia) and work with Veeva. I developed and strengthen my technical skills during the past 15 years, from the old-fashioned technology to the todays standards. Being involved in different roll-outs and also driving the adoption of the new CRM in the company, pushed me to further develop my communication and social skills.


Sales Incentive Plan
In 2012, when I started in the Swiss affiliate of the Biotechnology Company Amgen, I had the first touch... with the Sales Incentive Plans. Developing and maintaining such incentive plans involve various skills like: solid analytical skills and local business understanding, excellent communication and organization skills but also ability work with hard deadlines.


Segmentation and Targeting
Basically a marketing topic, segmentation and targeting are a very important quite big part of my daily business.
I learned everything about... segmentation and targeting from my first Manager, as this topic is very specific for every industry. My very strong analytical skills and ability to understand the various business needs of multiple brands, rounded by excellent communication skills help me till today to drive this very important topic, what I also enjoy a lot.


Sales Force Effectiveness
When having couple of brands on the market and couple of more sales representatives in the field, every company ask... the question on which customers to focus, with how much manpower in order to reach out for the patients. Just a simple question basically, but it demands a deep data knowledge, giving the fact that same as for the Sales Incentive Plans, I have to use different data sources, combine them, interpret the result and create a visual interpretation of them.


Trainings and presentations
In my daily work, there is no topic without a closing training or presentation and thank to my extroverted manner and... communicative skills, I enjoy giving trainings every time. Thank to my patience toward the students and understanding of the struggles they are confronted with, I have a trustful relationship with all of them.


Systems and tools
Entire Office Suite, Tableau, SQL, CRMs (TEAMS, Mobile Intelligence, Veeva)


About me

As a dedicated wife and mother of 2 kids, born in Romania and settled in Switzerland, I had my long way behind me to become the person I am today. Close to all my family members, passionate cook and a dog lover.

With 18 I moved to Germany where I started to learn the German language.

Two years later I moved to Switzerland where an intense time started, because the Matura made in Romania was not recognized by the Swiss authorities. Beside this, I had to improve my German language skills and also start to work on my career.

Five years later I finished my studies in software development and I started a career in the pharmaceutical industry (software provider side).

With 26 I got married and... with 27 I gave birth to my first son. My passion for CRM systems and pharmaceutical industry brought me to the Biotech-Company Amgen, where I gained the first insight in the pharmaceutical world which became my second "home". Working with great people, having the freedom to do and influence things, to learn and develop. When I was 34, I gave birth to my second son, and continued working hard and learning how to: multitask, find the work-life balance, be a mother and working in a competitive environment. Last but not least support my husband in his career.

Today, looking back to my life, I know that none of those things have been possible if I couldn't rely on my husband, my family and on myself.

Some of my strengths:
Honest, respectful towards others, keep the promise, I am always on time, good-humored and optimistic.

I don’t plan the steps in my career for the reason that if I enjoy what I am doing – I will do it for longer, and if “you” or I see me in a (total) different job – I am open to talk about. Life is too short to plan every step.





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